Literal youTUBE TV

To meet the nerdy me in me I created this “literal youTUBE TV”.
I found this super retro/vintage CRT of the Austrian brand Kapsch on the flea market (it even came with a receipt of 1977) and as it uses just RF as input it is basically worthless as TV-stations only broadcast digitally nowadays.
But… you can buy an HDMI-to-RF transmitter which does exactly that: Converting your HDMI-signal to RF that can be injected instead of an antenna signal. After that you just have to plug a Chromecast or whatever HDMI outputting device into it and you have upcycled your old CRT.
Sweet, isn’t it?

  • Kapsch VIENNASTAR CRT, built 1977
  • AIYIMA Transmitter HDMI To RF (find it in your fav. chinese retailer)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Some wiring and setting up

Big thanks to my father who – as a former TV and radio mechanic – took care of adjusting and maintaining the CRT.

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