Hobbyking Swamp Dawg Air Boat

After I saw the Hobbyking Swamp Dawg Air Boat somewhere on the internet I knew I also had to have one. So I ordered, assembled and ran it. Unfortunately the rumors were true that the motor and propeller it came with is sh*t. So after some rides I upgraded it with components that were recommended in a specific blog (Link).

It now runs mega-fast and with almost no vibrations.


  • Hobbyking Swamp Dawg Air Boat (Link)
  • Some RC sender and receiver
  • Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv Brushless Motor incl. spinner (Upgrade)
  • 30A SimonK 2-4s Brushless Speed Control ESC With BEC 3a (Upgrade)
  • Graupner CAM Speed Prop 5,5×4,3 (Upgrade)

DIY industrial design desktop

This is the desktop I designed and created for my living-room homeoffice corner. I had the idea to design it in industrial style and therefore used standard shawl panels that you normally use for concrete formworks. Especially I like the layered texture of the panels and the visible screws!

I also mounted some AC outlets on the surface so I do not have any annoying cables lying around that normally just act as dust attractors.

My latest addition to the table are USB outlets so I can also charge my mobile devices directly.


  • DokaPly Birch Plates (Link)
  • Some nice-looking AC outlets
  • IKEA RÄLLEN – Integrated USB Charger (Link)

Geeky weeding present


My friends Tobias and Anna got married and as usual I did not have any ideas for a present for a long time. But then I was playing around with the ESP8266 modules in a quiet minute I had a cool idea: As Tobias was the one that brought me to Arduinos & electronics the idea was born to program an ESP8266 to deliver the present:

Once connected to the ESP acting as an AP there should be a catch-all website (“Captive Portal”) giving the lucky couple some nice wedding ascii-art and the present in form of a coupon code. First I wanted to buy some (parts of) bitcoins to give them as a present. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to figure out how bitcoins work and especially how I could buy them to give them away like a coupon code. That is why I ended up using an unexciting amazon coupon code.

Then I mounted everything in a cigar box I had lying around and even supplied instant power using two AA batteries. So to open their present they now just have to power of the ESP8266 and connect to the wedding-wifi. On usual hardware the “captive portal” pops up with the custom wedding greetings and the present. And as the ESP is not soldered directly he can easily reuse the mcu.

I think it this the right way to give an electrical engineer his weeding present. Happy wedding, Tobias!

I just slightly changed the sources I found for the ESP8266 Captive Portal project, so I will not publish any sources here.

Repairing an htc desire 626g+

Right a month after my sister got a new htc desire 626g+ it dropped on the floor leaving it with a broken screen and a dead touchscreen. unless you do not repair it it came useless. So I tried my best – and voilá it is working again.

I bought a replacement (readily assembled display including touch screen digitizer) on ebay and worked my way through until I could replace the screen. As I could not find any tutorials on the internet yet I want to share my experience here.

My lessons to repair:

  • Open the back cover of the phone
  • Remove the surrounding frame. It can be removed with a plektron in the gap between the frame and the front cover
  • Remove all screws on the back and carefully remove the plastic covering the electronics
  • Now you can also remove the battery. It is glued with doublesided tape. Start by lifting it on the side that points to the usb plug. Then unplug the battery connector.
  • Disconnect the two flex cables of the old display. You can see which cables they are when you already have your new display.
  • In the battery compartment is a hole that let’s you see to the back side of the display.
  • Now pick a hairdryer and warm up the front glass of the phone and try to get out the old display element. As it did not work so well for me I just destroyed the glass (actually it was already defective as it was split) and picked out the display partly until I had everything out.
  • Then I cleaned the frame where the old display was taped and inserted the new display with new tape.
  • Connect the cables and assemble everything again.
  • I was happy that it booted up and everything worked.
  • Be carefully and never use too much force. When doing so, you will definitely destroy something! All parts _can_ be removed without too much force and without destroying them (except for the display unit that I did not care about as it was already broken :-)

Here are some pictures showing the insides of the phone. Maybe it can help you repairing your own phone.


IMG_20150817_210948 IMG_20150817_210952 IMG_20150817_211004 IMG_20150817_211009 IMG_20150818_210313 IMG_20150818_210328

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